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Many people complain that getting older is difficult because physical limitations come up in everyday life that you didn’t know before. But this can be prevented and life can be actively shaped even with minor restrictions. Muscle building also still works well in aging. In this blog article, we’ll give you a few tips on how to stay physically fit as you age by getting some exercise and playing sports.

Fit im Alter, Bewegung, Sport, Fahrradfahren

Why is it important to still be physically fit, especially in old age?

Physical activity in everyday life is recommended for young and old. For older people, cycling or extensive walks are ideal for strengthening the cardiovascular system and staying fit for a long time. However, there are more ways to be active: The important thing when choosing a sport is that it keeps you healthy and gives you pleasure.

Senior sports thus not only keep the body fit, but also increase self-confidence and psychological well-being. For example, certain sports train not only endurance and strength, but also balance and coordination. The latter is especially important to establish competencies for fall prevention. Being or becoming physically active can have a positive impact on diseases such as diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and back pain, and can also prevent obesity.

Which sport is right for me?

The simplest answer to the question of which sport is suitable would be: any sport that is fun. But please do not expect the same performance as in your younger years and follow the rule of thumb: Do sports regularly, gladly with a moderate load. This is usually sufficient for the body.

When you get back into sports after a long break, it is often very difficult at first. The physical load gets better and easier with time. Keep in mind that after the age of 50, muscles are not as elastic and most people have put on more fat. The regular sports activities help against this.

However, before you get started with your exercise program, our tip is to see a doctor and have him or her perform a check-up.

What can I do for more mobility?

Fit im Alter, Bewegung, Sport, Gymnastik

It becomes clear that an active daily routine is unavoidable. Additional training is beneficial for body and mind. Doctors advise the following sports for more mobility:

  • Walking/Nordic Walking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Water gymnastics
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • Strength training
  • Stool gymnastics

Gymnastics for seniors standing and sitting

Gymnastics is a great way to stay fit. Even simple exercises while standing and sitting promote good health. Regular exercise improves body awareness, strengthens muscles and reduces the risk of falls. In addition, regular gymnastics can also prevent many diseases and reduce pain, as well as strengthen mental performance.

Those who don’t want to exercise alone can join various gymnastics groups under professional guidance. If you want to start already at home, you should especially train the arm and leg strength and strengthen the core muscles. Those who do not have physical limitations, you can do the exercises standing. However, you can modify them accordingly, so that you can also achieve a training effect while sitting.

You can listen to music during the exercises – it increases motivation and helps you estimate how long you will do the exercises and when you will reach your goal.

The AOK has put together a playlist of exercises on its YouTube channel and invites you to train together.

Click here for the playlist
Fit im Alter, Bewegung, Sport, Gymnastik

How can I stay mentally fit in old age?

Being physically fit in old age and getting plenty of exercise is important. But unfortunately, as we age, we not only decline physically, but also mentally. In our blog article“ewitFit – Staying Mentally Fit” we give you a few tricks to counteract this!

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October 01 was the International Day of Older Persons or World Senior Citizens Day.
It is important that we are aware that seniors have special needs and that we deal with them openly and respectfully. In return, we can benefit from the experience, wisdom and joie de vivre of our older generation.
Together, we can create a world where people of all ages are equally valued.