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ewimed is your specialist for drainage products for pleural effusion or ascites!

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Our managing director Egon Wiest founded the medical technology company ewimed in 1991. The company has 30 years in the industry developing and selling medical technology. Our unique ewimed care concept and our product range makes us unique in the industry. We continuously have exciting projects and developments planned.

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For 30 years, our patient-centric approach has been at the core of our efforts, aiming to enhance patients’ quality of life through our products. Leveraging our extensive experience in pleural effusion and ascites, we consistently strive to expand and refine our product offerings.

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We are steadily expanding and have become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of drainage systems for the treatment of pleural effusions and ascites. Our headquarters, situated in the Medical Valley in Hechingen-Boll include a warehouse and our dedicated development department. Additionally, we have established six other locations in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark.

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great employees!

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for our patients, and this commitment extends to our employees as well. We provide a range of benefits for our exceptional staff. #wearewimed
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Our values


Our corporate culture is characterized by respect and appreciation. This applies to both our employees and our managers. We believe a positive atmosphere creates a space for creativity and solutions. 


Our complete product range operates according to the key-lock principle. (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 80369-1) This avoids incorrect connections, supporting our foremost priority of the safety and well-being of patients.


For us, a person is neither a number nor a machine, but a real person with feelings. We believe compassion and empathy contribute to our sense of community #weareewimed. 


Our goal is to provide our patients with a better quality of life. We are always striving to develop ourselves, give our best and be the best we can. Each one of us plays a large and important part in the company and is committed to our common vision. 


Our ambition is to improve the quality of life of our patients while acting as a sustainable, environmentally, and socially responsible company. We place great importance on resource-saving and office management, a healthy employee policy, and support of various regional social and environmental protection projects. 

Our social commitment

As a company, we bear a significant social and ecological responsibility – because life is at stake. For this reason, ewimed is passionately actively involved in a range of regional and international projects.