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Felix Wiest

Sustainability Manager

If you have any questions about sustainability, I will be happy to help you

+49 7471 73972-0

Sustainbility Manager Nachhaltigkeit

Your contact person

Felix Wiest

Sustainability Manager

If you have any questions about Facility & Fleet Management, I will be happy to help you

+49 7471 73972-0

Our goal is to realize holistic sustainability at ewimed.

This means maintaining and expanding a future-orientated, strong and resilient economy, while at the same time continuously improving our environmental protection and social commitment (the 3 pillars of sustainability). 

Through our future-orientated and sustainable actions, we want to protect our future generations and ensure equal starting opportunities and chances. 

We strive to become a pioneer in the field of sustainability in our industry and to help shape and further develop the standard for sustainability. In doing so, we clearly recognise the specific challenges and opportunities of the medical technology industry. 

The ewimed family – Valuing our employees

Our special responsibility towards our own people is reflected not only in health aspects, but also in fair pay and a wide range of benefits. In addition to promoting health, we offer our employees an extensive pool of additional benefits, including gym memberships, job bikes and extended pension schemes. 

Flexible working hours, home office arrangements and various opportunities for further training, learning and personal development are further pillars of our commitment to the well-being of our staff. At ewimed, the satisfaction and well-being of our employees takes centre stage, because we are convinced that this is essential for the sustainable success of the company.  

Environmental protection and nature conservation

At ewimed, we contribute by fulfilling the necessities and life goals of today’s generation while at the same time ensuring that future generations are equally supported. Therefore, among other things, we are committed to local environmental protection projects. 


Human rights & diversity

By signing the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), we at ewimed GmbH show our commitment to the reduction of discrimination and the promotion of equal rights.

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Social commitment

As a company, we are aware of our high social and ecological responsibility. For this reason, we are involved in both regional and international donation projects and sponsorships:

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Building optimization & e-mobility

Sustainable and climate-friendly concepts are implemented in our buildings. When constructing our new building complex in the Nasswasen, we are focussing on energy-efficient construction methods. The new building offers a co-working space that promotes sustainability and social community through the shared use of space, energy and infrastructure. 

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Alexander Schüch

Facility & Fleet Manager

If you have any questions about Facility & Fleet Management, I will be happy to help you

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Production & transportation

In order to achieve international climate targets and CO₂ neutrality with the lowest possible proportion of offsetting, one of the most important points is to implement CO₂ reduction in transport. 

Examples of this include climate-friendly shipping and charging electric cars using our photovoltaic system. 

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ewimed GmbH has opted for the EcoVadis medals as the primary verification method for sustainability. EcoVadis covers all areas of sustainability and the information is verified by internal or external evidence. 

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United Nations Global Compact

With its commitment to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, ewimed GmbH joins a number of leading companies on the subject of “sustainability” and supports the dissemination of international standards for sustainability. 

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"Plans to protect air and water, the wilderness and nature, are in fact plans to protect man."

- Stewart Udall -