drainova® reservoir, drainage set

Gently. Fast. Drain.

drainova® reservoir, drainage set

Gentle and rapid drainage of pleural effusion and ascites

The drainova® reservoir with soft vacuum combines the high flow rates of vacuum bottles with the gentle drainage of gravity drainage. This product allows you to drain effusions of up to 2000 ml from the thoracic cavity or abdominal cavity quickly and gently at the same time.

Product information

Art. No.

2000 ml

Insertion pin, connection hose (1300 mm length)
with integrated check valve

Scope of delivery
drainova® reservoir incl. Hose system and dressing kit

Minimum purchase
1 VE = 10 sets, sterile

Features and benefits

  • Constant suction development
  • Uniformly high flow rate
  • Patient safety - "key-lock" principle: The unique plug-in connection rules out misconnections
  • The large and stable base guarantees safe placement on the floor or table
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Content drainage set

drainova® reservoir, soft vacuum

  • Self-adhesive film dressing
  • Blue cover cloth
  • Gloves, latex and powder free
  • drainova® silicone cap, sterile
  • 3 alcohol swabs (individually packed, soaked with 70% isopropyl alcohol)
  • Emergency slide clamp
  • 4 gauze compresses 102 mm × 102 mm
  • Foam slit compress